Prepping Your RV For Winter Storage

When the days start to get a little shorter and the sun starts to set earlier, you might begin thinking about retiring your RV until summer returns. If you're a new RV owner, you may think that means parking it next to your home and closing all the windows; the truth is that prepping your RV requires some simple tasks--like the ones below--to be completed.

Clean it Out

Perhaps the most vital thing to do after your last trip is to ensure that you do a deep cleaning of the living space inside the RV. Food crumbs, spills and other issues need to be resolved so that the cabin doesn't invite bugs and pests while it isn't being used.

Check for Entry Points

Because small pests could very well appreciate winter refuge in a large RV that isn't being used, it's important to look for entry points and seal them shut. In particular, look at tubes that come into the living space; if you can see through those spaces, you may want to try expanding foam and other sealants suitable for that purpose.

Remember Ventilation

To ensure you don't walk into a smell, mildewy, moldy situation after the winter, keep ventilation in mind as you clear everything out of the RV. Keep all the roof vents wide open and utilize a cover so that you can do that without allowing critters inside. Open the fridge so that moisture doesn't cause problems.

Consider Climate Control

Instead of pulling your RV to the side of your garage, it's smart to think carefully about the temperature. Winter means ice, freezing rain and snow, as well as low temperatures that could affect the battery that powers your RV. If you aren't planning to change out the fluids or don't want to worry about how cold weather will affect the components of the vehicle, a storage facility might be a good choice. Knowing your RV is in an controlled environment that won't damage it can be well worth the rental costs. Usually, you'll be able to have the vehicle on the road quickly when the weather warms up, as the fuel, fluids and parts of the RV will be in excellent shape.

Giving some thought to winter storage toward the end of the summer season can ensure that the vehicle will be ready to go when you want to travel again. Visit a website like for more information.