Should You Keep Expensive Items In Storage?

When it comes time to leave your expensive possessions in someone else's hands, you are probably concerned about finding a storage facility that is well equipped to secure your belongings. Yes, it's safe to leave your belongings in storage, but only if you take a few precautions first.

Choose a Reputable Storage Facility

The first task on your list is to choose a storage facility that has great reviews. Any business will face some stumbling blocks, and you probably won't find any business with 100% positive reviews, but the mark of a great business is how they deal with negative experiences of customers. So pay some special attention to how negative reviews are handled by the business. Did they take steps to rectify the situation? That way, you can be sure that your items are secure and you will be compensated if anything does happen.

Choose a Highly Secure Storage Unit

Choose a unit that is facing a security camera, for one. Also look for units that have high security locks. Temperature control may be a big deal if you have electronics or other items that could be sensitive to temperature changes.

Find Out About Security

It may help you to know what security options are available for your unit. Some facilities have a night guard who is available at all hours of the day. Barring that, do they at least have an electronic fence or other alert system?

Ask About Insurance Policies

Some storage units offer storage insurance policies to their customers. They could be guaranteed by an outside insurer who will pay for any property damages that occur at that location. If your property is related to a business, you might be able to add the storage unit as a location covered by your commercial property insurance. It never hurts to ask what your options are.

Take Steps to Protect the Item

Different protection measures are warranted, depending on what you are trying to protect. Bubble wrapping, padding, or draping with a moving blanket may be appropriate. For smaller items, you might encase them in a safe that acts as another layer of security within your unit.

While it's understandable to be anxious about security when you have an expensive possession on the line, storage unit facilities are in the business of protecting people's valuables. As long as you find a good storage facility with a great manager, you'll have little to worry about during your absence. Contact facilities, like Pearl Street Self Storage, to get started.