Planning Out Your Storage Space: Three Ways To Make Sure You Have Room For Everything

Renting a self-storage space can help you remove the clutter from your home, but without a storage plan, you may find that your storage unit won't hold all of the items you need it to. Use this guide to help plan out how you will arrange your items and ensure you have enough space for everything you need to move out of your home.

Create A Mock Storage Unit

When you rent a storage unit, you'll get the dimensions of the space you are renting. Consider creating a mock storage unit at home in your basement or garage. Use painter's tape to mark off the size of the unit, and work within the borders to arrange your items. When you have everything within the taped lines, do you have room to walk freely? Are your items stacked too high? Take the answers to those questions and look for solutions you can use to maximize the available space. In some cases, you may find that you need to rent a larger unit.

Take Advantage Of Vertical Space

You aren't limited to what you can stack on the floor of your storage unit. In fact, making use of the vertical space in your storage area can help you to make room for more items. Invest in freestanding shelving units, and practice arranging your boxes to fit on the shelves.

Look for units with adjustable shelving so you can fit oddly sizes or shaped items, and think about other ways you can use the shelving units. For example, you can hang S-hooks on the sides of metal shelving systems, and those hooks can be used to hang luggage or other types of bags, freeing up space on your shelves for other items.

Look to the ceiling of your unit to see if you can hang cable or wire that can be used to hold bicycles, Christmas wreaths, or other bulky items. By storing vertically, you can fit more in the unit and free up space on the floor for furniture or other larger items.

Look For Ways To Disassemble Furniture

Furniture can take up a lot of space in your storage unit, but there are ways you can make these items take up less room. For example, you can disassemble bookcases, desks, or other furnishings so the pieces can be laid flat on a shelf. Use pallets or rolling carts to store sofas on their ends, which provides another way to make use of vertical space in the storage unit. You can also rest chairs upside down on dresser or table tops to maximize your available space.

Run through all of these different options before you begin moving your items into your storage unit, and consider drawing a floor plan you can use to indicate where everything will go. Once the floor plan is complete, you can simply follow it to arrange all of your items.