Tips For Storing Your College Furniture Over The Summer In Self-Storage

The end of the college school year in the spring is a good time to start lining up your apartment for next fall. However, changing apartments means that you need to find a place to store all of your furniture until you return to your new lease. You may find that self-storage is a great way to hang onto items without having to drive everything back home for the summer. Here are some tips for storing your items for those summer months:

Clean Everything

A common mistake made when using self-storage over the summer is to put the items directly into storage without cleaning. The problem with this is that recent stains could set into your furniture, making them more difficult to remove in the fall. Also, stains related to food spills have the potential to attract pest to your furniture if they get into your storage unit.

Take the time to clean all items before going into self-storage to prevent a potential problem. Taking the time to wipe down item made of wood, metal, or plastic can help prevent the formation of even more dust on the items when they eventually come back out of storage.

Cover Items With Sheets

Protect those recently cleaned items by covering them with a sheet. You do not want to use plastic since it can trap moisture inside the plastic and cause mold to form on an item. Fabric is a breathable material, which will prevent dust from collecting on your items, but still allow air to pass over everything and prevent moisture damage.

Polish Leather and Wood

Any item that is made out of leather or wood should be polished before going into storage. The polish will add a protective layer to the item, which helps the items look good when you are ready to use it again. You can buy a polishing kit at your local home improvement store that has all of the tools to do it on your own.

Disassemble Large Furniture

Save space in your storage unit by breaking down furniture as much as you can. Wood tables can have the legs removed so the item can be stored sideways. Anything with glass in it should have the glass removed and wrapped in bubble wrap to prevent breaking. Leaving items assembled will risk causing damage and take up too much space.

Speak with your self-storage facility for more tips on essential preparation.