Renting A Storage Unit During College Break: Helpful Tips

As the end of the school year, college students have to decide what to do with their belongings. Taking everything home isn't always feasible, and unless they have an apartment, they can't exactly leave their belongings behind. A storage unit is a lifesaver in this instance. Here are some helpful tips to ensure you get the most from the storage unit

Online Payment System

You want to find a storage facility that offers an online payment option, as this type of system will make the payment-making process much easier. Without this type of system, you will have to mail your payments in or call during office hours, both of which can be an inconvenience. Online payments are easier. 

Spacious Unit Options

You might not think you have a lot of items to store, but it doesn't mean you need an extra small storage unit. In fact, the more spacious, the better. First, a larger unit is best for protecting your items, as a small unit might mean that you have to cram your items inside, which can lead to damage. Second, a larger unit will make it easier to remove items from the unit since you'll have more room to move around. 

Campus Proximity

Try to find a unit that is closer to your campus. If you plan to move all your items with your own vehicle and if the storage facility is located on the opposite side of town, the move-in process could be quite long. If you can find a facility that is closer, it will make your move-in day a lot faster and less stressful. 

Reservation System

It's also a great idea to look for a storage facility with a reservation system, especially if you attend a large institution or there are other colleges in the area. A reservation system is great because it allows you to reserve your unit early so that you don't find yourself at the end of the school year without any unit options or only with those that don't meet your needs. 

Climate Control

If you plan to keep all your belongings behind in storage, including your electronics, you need to find a unit with climate control. An outdoor unit will expose your electronics to the elements, which can ruin your sensitive electronic devices, including laptops and televisions. Climate-controlled units are indoors and safe from the outside. 

Finding the right storage unit for your or your child's needs is important. However, with these tips, you should be on the right track.