Get Creative To Rent A Small Storage Unit For All Your Needs

As a homeowner, you may know exactly when you are running out of storage space. Also, you may know whether you are comfortable with your property's total storage capacity or you want to rent a storage unit to get more storage. If you are not interested in renting a huge storage unit but you are determined to store a lot of items, you should get creative with your efforts.

Sentimental Belongings

Putting away sentimental belongings is often easy because you know that you will not access these items for a long time. This allows you to opt for a more long-term setup compared to a seasonal item that you may intend on taking out of storage every season. You should consider taking your time with packing these items to optimize every bit of space.

In an ideal situation, you should pick boxes that are small enough for you to fill them to the brim as this will keep you from having to put in any filler.

Seasonal Items

As for seasonal items, you do not want to make it difficult to figure out what the items are and get them out of the storage unit every year. A great place to start is by making it a priority to store all seasonal belongings close to the unit's door for quick and easy access. This will keep you from accidentally putting seasonal boxes in the back where it can take a long time to reach.


If you intend on putting any furniture into the storage unit, you will need to get extra creative with storing such items to avoid taking up a lot of space. A great example is sitting a chair down and stacking a chair on top upside down. This will make it possible to put a box underneath the bottom chair as well as on top of both chairs without having to worry about instability issues.


When you have some tools that you are going to bring into storage, you should do your best to bring over a toolbox or tool chest because this will give you optimal storage. Instead of having to look around in multiple places to find a tool, you can always refer to the box or chest in storage.

Renting a small storage unit at a self-storage facility may seem like a challenge that you do not want to take on, but you should not underestimate the ability to get creative to make things work.