Organizing Your Self Storage Unit For Easy Access

Renting a self-storage unit to keep things in can be extremely helpful if you do not have space at home, or if you run a small business and need a place to keep records, inventory, or other items. The type of unit you rent and how you set it up can be crucial, especially if you find that you need to add or remove things from storage regularly. 

Choosing a Storage Unit

There are many different storage solutions available to rent, but choosing the right self-storage unit is essential. If you are storing items that need protection from heat and cold, an indoor, climate-controlled unit is vital. Things like documents or photographs can often benefit from climate-controlled storage because a consistent temperature and humidity level will protect the items from mold, mildew, and moisture.

If you are storing household items that are not sensitive to the weather or temperature, a standard self-storage locker is a little less expensive and may be a better option. Access to either of these lockers should be easy but look for one that allows after-hours access if you need to get into your storage outside of normal business hours. Most storage facilities have provisions for access after they are closed, but it is essential to ask when you are looking at the units.

Organizing Your Storage

If you are renting a self-storage unit that you are keeping things in that you need to access regularly, how you put your items in storage can be important. Putting some pallets or rubber maps on the floor is an excellent place to start. Pallets will raise the boxes off the floor to keep them out of any water that might come in, but for an indoor unit, you may only need mats to keep the floor clean. 

Portable shelving can also be helpful, and if you put it around the outside edges of the unit, then a row or two in the center, you can put all the items you regularly use on the shelves, so they are easy to find. Boxes of documents can be arranged by date or subject and then labeled so that you can quickly locate them when you get to the storage facility. 

If you do not have room for the shelves because of the volume of things that need to go into the unit, you can stack boxes around the outside and still have space to walk into the unit to look for the boxes you need. Keep the things you need most toward the front, and make a U shape around the unit to take advantage of the space efficiently.