Types Of Self-Storage Units

Self-storage offers the convenience you require to store important belongings. Whether you're a college student on holiday break or renovating your home and you'd like temporary storage, self-storage units are ideal. You may also need a self-storage service if you're leaving for work in another country for some time. Here are the types of self-storage options to consider.

Climate-Controlled Self-Storage

Climate-controlled storage units offer protection against more than rain, sunlight, and extreme temperatures. These units maintain specific temperatures, humidity, and even lighting to ensure that your belongings are well-protected. Therefore, the self-storage units are ideal for storing valuable items such as antique furnishings that you'd like to keep for long periods. Such belongings are prone to moisture damage, thus the need for a humidity-controlled environment.

Remember that excess moisture can encourage mold growth, which may damage your items. Thus, controlling humidity ensures that your belongings' safety and quality remain intact when in storage.

Non-Climate-Controlled Self-Storage

Non-climate-controlled self-storage units don't have climate control systems. Ideally, the storage areas don't offer cooling, heating, or humidity control. Also, understand that the storage areas may experience moisture build-up that can damage wood, metals, or fabrics. Therefore, the storage units are ideal for outdoor furniture, vehicles, or sporting gear that aren't prone to weather damage.

Portable Container Self-Storage

Portable self-storage units offer convenience as the storage company will come to your location and pack the items in portable containers. The professionals then transport the items to the self-storage facility. Nonetheless, mobile storage facilities aren't temperature controlled, but they have limited access.

Information Management Self-Storage

Information management storage is ideal for storing paper files. The storage service doesn't usually provide storage for furniture or equipment. The storage service will pick the paper files from your location and keep them in a climate-controlled facility, where you can access the files if in need of them.

Drive-Up Self-Storage

Drive-up storage offers you convenience as you can pull up to the self-storage facility and empty your car of the possessions you'd want to leave in storage from the driveway. These self-storage units offer a quick offload since the storage professionals will handle the offloading of goods and place them in the storage unit you choose.

The common types of self-storage units include climate-controlled, non-climate-controlled, portable, information management, and drive-up storage. Consider these options when choosing self-storage services for your belongings. To learn more, contact a self-storage facility near you.