Does It Matter If A Storage Unit Is Climate-Controlled?

If you intend to store your items in a storage unit for an extended period, temperature fluctuations will always be a concern. What happens to your belongings during winter or summer when the items are exposed to extreme temperatures? The temperature fluctuations will damage most of the delicate items. Therefore, climate-controlled self-storage units are more necessary. 

These units will typically cost more than the standard units, but they are worth it if your belongings are vulnerable to temperature fluctuations. Not everyone needs a climate-controlled self-storage unit unless you intend to store antiques, books, important documents, vinyl records, musical instruments, or fine art.  

If you rent a climate-controlled self-storage unit, here are some benefits to expect. 

Better Air Quality 

Electronics, sensitive documents, and books need clean air. If you store these items in a dirty environment, it will damage them. Picture losing important documents such as your vehicle's title, homeownership documents, or birth or marriage certificates. Most of these are hard-to-obtain replacements; thus, storing them in a climate-controlled self-storage unit would be most ideal. 

Peace of Mind

Using a storage unit to store some of your belongings should ease your worries about safety. Most of these storage units have decent security features to safeguard your items. However, your items aren't protected from weather and seasonal fluctuations. 

To get this kind of protection, you will need climate-controlled units. These units will offer the protection your belongings need against weather and temperature fluctuations. This should ease your worries about the safety of your belongings. 

Protection Against Rodents and Insects 

If you are storing papers, books, magazines, paintings, antiques, or even documents, the last you need to worry about are insects and rodents. A single rat or mouse can wreak havoc in your storage unit. Insects such as termites will damage anything with wood. 

Fortunately, with a climate-controlled self-storage unit, you will enjoy the perks of having special seals around the unit door, roof, and walls. This prevents the entry of insects, rodents, and dust into your storage unit. 

Humidity Control 

Humid air can be very destructive, especially in a self-storage unit. If you have books, clothes, upholstery, documents, artwork, furniture, or musical instruments, you need a climate-controlled storage unit. Without some humidity control, the humid air can facilitate mold and mildew growth and spread in your unit. Mold and mildew can be very destructive, especially on paper. 

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